Theater Days Scouting July 2020 Edition

Holding true to my bad luck with scouting for Miya, I didn’t get FES Miya. I really went all in using both the free pulls and my stash of ~13k gems. I can only tell myself this is a sign and I’ll have better luck in the future.


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Theater Days Third Anniversary Triple Threat

There’s something about revisiting a game just for your favorites that makes you feel alive again. It was inevitable that three of my favorite idols would make a comeback- Matsuri, Tomoka, and Miya just in time for the third anniversary of Million Live: Theater Days.

Once again, I find myself lost the world of idol games.
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Here we go again

The day before Easter. Another day by any other account, and the days were already starting to blend together for me. It was that exact morning I was scrolling through twitter, and I saw the banner I feared.

Another SSR for Anna Mochizuki? I took a deep breath. I had been saving in this game for a long time now not knowing what I would use my gems on and this was a sign from the higher powers. The last FES banner was good to me with a ton of free pulls, but I didn’t get characters I really cared for (sorry Karen).

I love these games, I really do. My reaction though? Fear.

But you should save them for a limited SSR or milifes, I think to myself. She’s just a perm. You can ticket her in a few months.


You see, this SSR is different. Do you see this?


I had the figure for this one. So I needed it in the game too.

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July’s Idol Activities!

Idol games have been hit or miss with me the past few months. On the positive side, we have new SSRs (permanent ones at that) that made me lose my mind. Fluffy Dreaming Haruka who somehow feeds into my need for original idolmaster content (aka the all stars girls from the old games) and my obsession with dreams and trying to understand them, or at least document them to the best of my ability. This card also made me absolutely lose my mind- the costume! The hat with the horns. The SHEEP! I adore them.

This card in particular reminds me of why I love Million Live so much- they have a lot of legroom with themes. There’s been the fantasy themed cards already, and the themes aren’t strictly “idol girl idol dress on stage” even though a lot of cards are that- they are idols after all. But they’re also stage actors, and you can do just about anything with that theme in mind. Continue reading

February’s Idol Activities! Part II

Waking up every few hours worked out for me during this event- I wouldn’t let my stamina refill and reaching 60k event points was easy. I’m not sure why I really kept going after getting all the point rewards, but I wanted to see how far I could push myself. I know I said I wanted the costume for Anna but man, midway through this event I had a dream Yuriko was yandere for me and I knew I had to keep going.

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