Animal Crossing Dream Towns to Explore

One of my favorite pastimes was using the Dream Suite in Animal Crossing New Leaf to explore different towns online. Ranging from pretty towns to horror-themed nightmares, I was happy to see the feature finally return in New Horizons. Without further ado, here’s some dream towns to check out.

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I don’t want my adventure to end.

The Mother series of games have made me feel a lot of things. For a game I started playing and stopped for no reason whatsoever in the beginning of college, I thought my time with the original Mother was over back in 2013. It was just another old game I had to spend hours grinding in, I told myself as I already scrambled for time every week trying to fit in a few hours of gaming that didn’t involve my phone. Besides, it was time for my eventual replay of Mother 3. I had things to do, places to be, games to replay, and tears to shed.

One night I just so happened to get super into recovering my old Animal Crossing save file which involved installing homebrew on my 3DS to rewrite the backup save on my computer to the actual cartridge. Along the way the homebrew came with a GBA emulator and I just so happened to move all my games with it. This would be perfect for playing Mother 3. I didn’t have to sit at my computer with an emulator and had no excuse not to play it even if I was laying in bed.

On that very night, I clicked the rom for Mother 1+2 by accident, and the rest was history.

Mother 1+2 (Japan)-1

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