Animal Crossing Dream Towns to Explore

One of my favorite pastimes was using the Dream Suite in Animal Crossing New Leaf to explore different towns online. Ranging from pretty towns to horror-themed nightmares, I was happy to see the feature finally return in New Horizons. Without further ado, here’s some dream towns to check out.

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L is real 2401

I grew up in an age of playground rumors. One of the first things I did upon discovering the internet was research those very things. Mew under the truck in Pokemon, the unicorn fountain in Ocarina of time, and of course, deciphering the mysterious writing on the fountain in Super Mario 64. I could never figure out what the last one said, anyway.

Hell, I didn’t even have a N64 at the time. I pleaded a friend that had the system and the game to please take me there so I could see it for myself. He had a huge CRT TV for the time, and my ten year old mind was dead set seeing it in person.

What is written on the 'L is real 2401' plaque? - Arqade

If it really said what I thought it said, the rumours about unlocking Luigi as a playable character had to be true. We tried it all- speedrunning the game in a ridiculous amount of time and running around the castle 2401 times. My eyes read at least what they wanted to see anyway- the mysterious L is real 2401. The L standing for Luigi, of course!

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Project Diva Mega Mix

I’m no stranger to Hatsune Miku and most likely you aren’t either. Let’s get right to it- how does Project Diva Mega Mix on the switch stack up?

Released in February for Japan and May in the US of this year, Project Diva Mega Mix serves as a compilation for the series. It plays more akin to the arcade style releases (Future Tone on the PS4, the arcade game itself) with directional sliders and hold notes over the traditional handheld games with chance times and star notes. If you’ve played Future Tone on the PS4 without a doubt you’ve seen a ton of the content this game has to offer aside from the ten new songs added.

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My Animal Crossing Journey Thus Far

We all know this year didn’t turn out as expected! Yesterday marked the halfway point of the year. Let’s get the obvious out of the way- I’ve been playing a ton of animal crossing like everyone else. After an on and off seven years of the previous iteration New Leaf, I was ready to bid my old town of Kairo farewell for the time being for a vacation to the island of Speakeasy.

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Internet Oddities: Garage Bad Dream Adventure

For years I have heard tales of a PC game called Garage released in 1999 by Kinotrope. Releasing with only 3,000 copies in circulation, the time came and went before people became interested in it. Any copies of it being resold were listed for such ridiculous prices the game became lost. Thus Garage gained a kind of mystique, the name of the game coming in and out of my internet travels for years.

Related image

The story of this game wasn’t surprising back in the day considering a lot of obscure Japanese games were lost to the void of time and well, obscurity.  Luckily for Garage, the game was re-released in 2004 and 2007 in very limited quantities, but around 2014 was purchased by a group of people on /vr/ and uploaded for all to play, finally bringing the mystery to a close.

Now that we’ve gotten out of the way, we can take a look at exactly what makes this game so special.


You see a lot of this.

Garage (subtitled Bad Dream Adventure) is truly unlike anything else I’ve ever seen. It’s a point and click game that mixes elements of surrealism and horror with a story taking a look deep into your own psyche.

Unfortunately, you don’t get to play as the girl on the cover of the box. You are a tiny little man with a strange looking head and a belly full of fuel who wakes up with a letter explaining that you’re better off going fishing instead of uncovering what happened. There’s even a pole and bait outside, how nice! But wait- we wouldn’t have a game if we just went fishing all day.

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#21: The World – The Most Accurate Dream Game I’ve Played

The title of this game really is a mouthful- I want to type it The World 21. #21: The World (like the tarot card) is a surreal exploration game I stumbled upon not too long ago in an indie horror PDF I found online that I can’t find again but hey, maybe that adds to the mystique of it.


I’m sold.

I’ve played LSD Dream Emulator (if you know me at all, this is an obvious fact.) #21: The World by lsddev is based on the creator’s dream journal and undoubtedly plays like a dream too. It has a similar mechanic to LSD that if you run into a wall or object, you get teleported somewhere else. It doesn’t make sense and that’s exactly why it’s good. Do your dreams make sense 100% of the time? I hope not.

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I recently played September 1999 by 98demake and realized the aesthetic of that game is exactly what I’m fascinated with in the horror genre- VHS effects and ambiguity. Found footage is a particular way of crafting a piece of media and this game really hit that vibe with me prompting me to look into his other creations. I decided to give OK/Normal a go shortly after.


For the full effect play this on a CRT monitor.

While there are other vaporwave-esque games out there (Broken Reality comes to mind) OK/Normal really nails the theme. The being you control is a floating marble statue with a cloud that talks to you. The checkerboard patterns and swirling colors of the loading screens ties the whole thing together. This feels like something you would find on a PSX demo disc as a kid and remember as a fever dream.

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Gingiva [I]

Back in the day, Middens occupied my slot for strange RPG Maker game of the week. It was a different time, a simpler one back in 2012. I certainly loved the fanciful artstyle of it and the fact that it was exploration based- I didn’t even realize there were battles in it until I realized I was playing as an extremely pacifistic, non-confrontational Nomad wandering around the rift who barely talked to any NPCs.


There were always quips about life, dreams, and consciousness that kept my teenage brain intrigued, and that was that. I was smitten with Middens and didn’t need to find a deeper meaning in it.

Of course, this post isn’t about Middens at all.

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I don’t want my adventure to end.

The Mother series of games have made me feel a lot of things. For a game I started playing and stopped for no reason whatsoever in the beginning of college, I thought my time with the original Mother was over back in 2013. It was just another old game I had to spend hours grinding in, I told myself as I already scrambled for time every week trying to fit in a few hours of gaming that didn’t involve my phone. Besides, it was time for my eventual replay of Mother 3. I had things to do, places to be, games to replay, and tears to shed.

One night I just so happened to get super into recovering my old Animal Crossing save file which involved installing homebrew on my 3DS to rewrite the backup save on my computer to the actual cartridge. Along the way the homebrew came with a GBA emulator and I just so happened to move all my games with it. This would be perfect for playing Mother 3. I didn’t have to sit at my computer with an emulator and had no excuse not to play it even if I was laying in bed.

On that very night, I clicked the rom for Mother 1+2 by accident, and the rest was history.

Mother 1+2 (Japan)-1

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