Animal Crossing Dream Towns to Explore

One of my favorite pastimes was using the Dream Suite in Animal Crossing New Leaf to explore different towns online. Ranging from pretty towns to horror-themed nightmares, I was happy to see the feature finally return in New Horizons. Without further ado, here’s some dream towns to check out.

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L is real 2401

I grew up in an age of playground rumors. One of the first things I did upon discovering the internet was research those very things. Mew under the truck in Pokemon, the unicorn fountain in Ocarina of time, and of course, deciphering the mysterious writing on the fountain in Super Mario 64. I could never figure out what the last one said, anyway.

Hell, I didn’t even have a N64 at the time. I pleaded a friend that had the system and the game to please take me there so I could see it for myself. He had a huge CRT TV for the time, and my ten year old mind was dead set seeing it in person.

What is written on the 'L is real 2401' plaque? - Arqade

If it really said what I thought it said, the rumours about unlocking Luigi as a playable character had to be true. We tried it all- speedrunning the game in a ridiculous amount of time and running around the castle 2401 times. My eyes read at least what they wanted to see anyway- the mysterious L is real 2401. The L standing for Luigi, of course!

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What I’ve Been Watching: Spring 2020 Edition

After taking a break from writing as much about anime for a bit, I’m back! Besides, being stuck inside most of the time means I should definitely catch up on a few shows on my backlog, right?

I decided to do a split- a few new shows in addition to shows I vaguely remember from years ago. That’s right. We’re going way back today including a few good and bad things about each show.

Rozen Maiden (2004) (Fantasy – 12 Episodes [first season])

Rozen Maiden wallpaper - Anime wallpapers - #34438

Rozen Maiden centers around a boy who doesn’t leave his house named Jun who ends up with a doll that comes to life after making a hobby of ordering random, possibly paranormal junk online and returning it for a laugh. He ends up with a doll named Shinku who is tied into a fight to become the ultimate (sentient) doll in a battle against six others dubbed the Alice Game.

One of the first things that got me into anime was the medium’s ability to tell unique stories. By this point in my life I had my fill of middle-school esque dystopian stories and vampire romances. Manga itself opened me up to different adventures, fantasies, and even psychological tales that my young mind was absolutely amazed by. I didn’t understand why it was so hard to find these “backwards books” as my mom called them since they had so many stories to tell. When I couldn’t find anything new I turned to an early internet to search for series to read online and discovered many of the stories I read had anime adaptations, Rozen Maiden being one of them.

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Picking up the Pieces of Children of the Whales

I put off watching Children of the Whales for the longest time. I even started the show twice before I could get with it. It was so pretty- the animation was soft, the pastel colors brought the entire thing to life.

Related image

Just mention a pretty, colorful show and I’m on it.

Children of the Whales follows the lives of the marked people of the Mud Whale, which pretty much means they die young but have cool powers akin to telekinesis (called Thymia). There are unmarked people who grow old, but there aren’t a ton of them so a majority of the population is made up of children. One of the unmarked is the mayor, and the rest of the unmarked form a council to make decisions for the society around them. The marked aren’t on the council since they don’t live that long, so the unmarked make choices for them having more experience. The ship they live on is called the Mud Whale which goes wherever it pleases in a sea of sand.

Now you might look at the summary and go “Wow, what a neat concept!.” Buckle up. This article includes plot spoilers, however this show is a tragedy so brace yourself.

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The Odds Against Yayaka

Flip Flappers first and foremost is a show exploring the adventures of Cocona and Papika. Yayaka is Cocona’s best friend, or rather was her best friend before the events of the show transpired.

I can tell you from the get go I did not like Yayaka one bit. So why did I stop watching mid-episode to type this out?


*Contains spoilers for the first nine episodes of Flip Flappers and general spoilers for Yuri Kuma Arashi.*

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Beta Designs in the Idolm@ster Series

After ending up on TVTropes this morning reading about Million Live in an attempt to fall back asleep, I stumbled upon an interesting image show what appeared to be a beta Reika and Momoko from idolm@ster 2. The image itself is just a save data icon for the game on the PS3 as evidenced in the top photo. Of course this was long before Million Live came to be a franchise on its own- Cinderella Girls was out, but she didn’t resemble any of them.

The picture in question.

With a fair bit of digging and reverse image searching, I found myself browsing forums from around the time the original phone game for Million Live came out (also known as Greemas). Almost none of the characters were revealed apart from silhouettes and comparisons were drawn between these girls and the original 765 Pro members.

While now it’s obviously Reika Kitakami, this could have been anyone in the idol universe- an NPC or perhaps a beta design of Eri Mizutani from Dearly Stars which was a common theory. The girl to her left, Momoko presumably due to her height wasn’t anything but a silhouette at the time with the name ???. Someone on 2chan datamined this picture from the game so I can only imagine what else might have been in there.

Related image

Image of Eri from the playstation store catalog for idolm@ster DLC.

While now it’s a closed case on the girl’s identity, back then speculation was wild and I honestly love digging into beta designs and stuff you aren’t supposed to find in games in general so let’s keep going!

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Site Post!

I’d like to take a moment and say I recently hit fifty posts here which is great! I’ve been on here for a while- I started off doing manga reviews on here in 2008 (eleven years ago!) almost daily, moved to a personal blog where I posted some writing in 2011, then moved here. This blog is a passion project of mine and I’m glad to know a few people get a kick out of it too.

While I’m fairly active on other social media sites, I take a lot of pride in this blog since I go off about whatever I’m into. Writing about Gregory Horror Show recently gave me a great outlet for revisiting things I enjoyed years ago which really is what I do when I don’t want to go through the effort of finding something new to watch!

This blog also helped me cope with a lot of things going on in my waking life- I was going through a lot to say the least and sitting down to write my little blurbs about idol phone games reassured me that yes, there was still something to look forward to even when I worked double shifts all the time and barely had a moment to myself. It made me realize that I needed to do things I liked! Even if it was just playing a game. It’s an understatement that this really kicked off a journey that ended with me putting myself first in life which is how it should be.

Below is a little bonus about topics I plan on writing about in the future.

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Gregory Horror Show: The Nightmare Begins

Think back to what you were doing eight years ago. Were you watching a poor quality rip of a CGI show about a rat who carried around a lantern you just waited a few hours to finish torrenting on a laptop that barely worked? No? Now that I’ve gotten that fact that you aren’t my doppelganger out of the way, I can introduce you to one of my favorite old series, Gregory Horror Show.


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