It was a time of shock- Borders was closing, and that was the place to be after a long day out. The smaller branch in the mall had already closed months ago which I could have totally lived without, but the (so-called) HQ? Not on my watch.

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Popcorn Chicken

Same place, different day. The table was set with three plates, three glasses of water, and just one too many forks because counting was stressful for him. He was the one cooking the dinner as my mother had a PTA meeting that day. It was held a bit earlier than usual since only a few people could attend. I remember the ride home being a silent one with no Disney channel radio playing in the background.

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Reflection I

Everyone seemed so cool and mysterious back in the day. With mall clothes and the ipods full of music I’ve clearly never heard of, everyone seemed like a god. There I was a parasite masquerading as a student who took more advanced classes then they can handle. Because clearly that would have me set for the next few years.  Continue reading