Catching Up With Starlight Stage: July 2020 Edition

Starlight Stage is one of those games I feel like I’ve completed all my personal goals with. Every since I got limited Ranko, Nana, and Kanako I haven’t had much of a drive to play or even keep up with the game. But of course you say- free pulls? Such a simple (and devious) way to wrap me up once again.

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Sparking a Lim in Starlight Stage

I started my mission to scout wedding Ranko years ago. A limited SSR out of my reach for the longest time with yearly reruns on my birthday to taunt me, I figured out a foolproof plan. Spark her. Thanks to the memorial gatcha consisting of limited SSR cards that ran from 2015/mid-2016 in Starlight Stage, I could finally put my plan into action.

dead) Starlight Stage Central, “Happy Bride Delivery Story ...

Ranko Kanzaki has been one of my favorite characters for years, and it was finally my time to shine and get her limited SSR. I mean just look at her. An alternate hairstyle, a pretty dress? What’s not to love?

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Luck Post!

Took a gamble on the limited box in Starlight Stage after a few drinks and…

LIMITED FUCKING SHIKI BABY!!!! Man. The loading screen took a good while so I knew I was getting at least one SSR, but I was pleasantly surprised since I really like limited Shiki’s dress. It’s also something I would wear in real life, so this was a win/win situation.

LIMITED MINAMI? This was a nice surprise! I have absolutely zero cards of Minami and even though she’s not one of my top girls, she’s part of the original Cinderella Girls so she’s near and dear to my heart at this point. She’s animated which I should have noticed by the sparkles (and you know, when the card blinked at me) but alas.

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