Growing Up and Houkago Tea Time

K-on was quite literally one of the first seasonal anime I watched. I remember spring of 2009 eagerly making a checklist of what was new that season. I started making friends both in the virtual world and in school that shared the same interest. While people were quick to pass on shows like Saki and the second season of Haruhi (if you know you know), K-on was a hit.

Week after week everyone took different things away from the slice of life show, though I can’t say it was near and dear to my heart. I liked Mugi but I wasn’t crazy about any of the girls in the show, nor did I identify as much as my friends did with any of the characters.

There was something about this show that brought everyone together, something I wouldn’t catch until my rewatch eleven years later.

K-on fills me with an inexplicable coziness. It’s something you don’t realize until it’s too late, when you’ve seen people come and go. You’ve moved on yourself- hopefully to a better place, away from the mundane school days and outings with friends you won’t realize are gone until years later.

Moe On My Mind — K-ON! Official Art
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A Decade of Anime

I can say wholeheartedly I remember how I felt during January of 2010. I had gotten heavily into anime within the past year or two (wasn’t every middle schooler?). Sora no Woto was coming out and I was just waiting for it’s premiere on January 5th. K-on! was still new from last year. Shugo Chara was still airing. Kuuchuu Buranko remains a 10/10 show in my book and defines my taste for the next decade.

This post isn’t about any of those shows.


The Tatami Galaxy came out in spring. Unsure of what to watch and craving anything artsy and profound, I found myself enveloped in how fast everyone talked. Hell, I had to watch the first episode twice just to get the gist of it. Tatami Galaxy was what I could only wish my writing would be one day. This show was a masterpiece. Even younger me knew that.

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Rambling about characters: 765 Pro edition

I’ve spent a fair share of my time with the idolmaster being a prominent franchise in my life. I remember seeing very old videos from the first game on the xbox with good music and some flashy costumes. It was all uphill from there as I scoured the internet for more information on the series. I thought Makoto was a boy at first since everything was in Japanese and I didn’t know much about the series apart from what google translate and a few blogs could tell me. I found information on the arcade game that swept Japan off its feet and that there were two beta characters, Hibiki and Takane that might come back because they just can’t scrap two idols like that, can they?

Suddenly the xbox 360, a console that wasn’t faring so well over there compared to the states was a hot commodity as everyone spent their paycheck on DLC for an idol game. I would go on to spend years of my life with these girls.

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