My name is Azalea, also known as Kaleido online. I love writing if you can’t tell! I’m also really into lucid dreaming.

My blog is a mix of anime, idol, and game content along with some miscellaneous writing. I’m a big fan of rhythm games as well. Did I mention I’m really into writing stories that I don’t post anywhere and love MZD from Pop’n Music?

Fun fact: If I could have a TV for a head, I would.

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[Best Of]

A Decade of Anime – In which I write about shows that have left an impression on me the past ten years.

Dreams, Illusion, and Your True Self – An in-depth analysis of Flip Flappers.

Growing Up and Houkago Tea Time – A retrospective of K-on, slice of life shows, and bygone days.


Twitter: urbancaravan