Animal Crossing Dream Towns to Explore

One of my favorite pastimes was using the Dream Suite in Animal Crossing New Leaf to explore different towns online. Ranging from pretty towns to horror-themed nightmares, I was happy to see the feature finally return in New Horizons. Without further ado, here’s some dream towns to check out.

Yumebachi Island: DA-2163-0009-7870 by @Em8Hh

Yumebachi Island is a great town to start off with featuring winter-themed estates, ice block furniture, and plenty of blue and pink areas for the bunny residents Francine and Chrissy. This island is packed with plenty of cool things to check out.

Last but not least, my favorite area of the island was a rainbow-themed walk through to a little casino.

I’ve been to this town twice already and still feel like I haven’t seen everything it has to offer.

The Nexus: DA-2704-1284-5464 by r/flaccidhatred

A Yume Nikki-themed island with plenty of recreations of areas from the game itself made by r/flaccidhatred on the Yume Nikki subreddit. If you’re not familiar with the game itself it’s a game about dreams, so making it into a dream town fits.

You can even find the effects from the game and a bunch of custom designs of the sprites. It’s extremley faithful to the original game and really cool to see re-created in Animal Crossing.

Yume Nikki is one of those games you explore from the first time and can’t experience the same way again, and this town really captured that feeling. Seeing Madotsuki around was especially cool.

Would it even be a Yume Nikki inspired town without the hell maze? That’s right, you too can get lost in a maze of imperial fences if you decide to stop by The Nexus!

DA-9518-5804-5812 by @koumepo

Continuing with the game-themed dream towns, I couldn’t pass up the chance to visit a Mother-themed one. There’s a bunch of well-placed speakers playing quirky music giving the town a great feel. There’s even an area set up like a battle in the game- pretty cool, huh?

I really can’t give this island enough praise. Every single inch of it oozes charm. The Saturn Valley recreation was my favorite part. The sprites set up to recreate scenes from the game is a pretty nice touch too.

While it’s mostly scenes from Earthbound/Mother 2, there’s a few shoutouts to the other games in the series as well if you take a closer look.

Don’t forget to take home a copy of Ness’ hat and shirt home with you!

DA-3008-0340-7571 by @arnoldAxolotl

Now for something completely different- a steampunk themed town! The main house in this town is decorated to the brim. This place felt so cozy I almost didn’t want to leave.

There’s tons of custom patterns everywhere that really tie the town together. Plus there’s plenty of places for photo ops.

I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more cool dream towns. I’m already aware of the Aika village recreation, the famous ACNL horror town that started it all. I really hope someone makes an LSD Dream Emulator themed town like in New Leaf.

I found most of these towns using the hashtag 夢番地 on twitter. As with featuring any creation, make sure to link back to the creator’s page as they probably put tons of hours into the town they made! Make sure that they say posting screenshots is okay as well if you want to post about your adventures as well- some people aren’t cool with it.

With that happy dreaming and have fun! I’ll be sure to make a part two in the future when I find more cool dream towns.

Bonus Raymond:

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