Catching Up With Starlight Stage: July 2020 Edition

Starlight Stage is one of those games I feel like I’ve completed all my personal goals with. Every since I got limited Ranko, Nana, and Kanako I haven’t had much of a drive to play or even keep up with the game. But of course you say- free pulls? Such a simple (and devious) way to wrap me up once again.

Now with free pulls in any gatcha game you have to go in with your expectations as low as humanly possible. 1 SR pulls are real, and they are out there. So that way when you get an SSR and you have no expectations, it makes the feeling even better!

I have a complicated relationship with the Cinderella Girls franchise at this point. There’s been a ton of content added so more characters can get their screentime, but I’m out of touch with a lot of the (previously) unvoiced girls so I’m not really sure who to stan other than my usual favorites (Ranko, Nana, Syoko, ect).

Starlight Stage’s featured gatchas were mostly summer lim reruns that I never tried scouting for over the years. So here goes nothing!


After three ten pulls in the summer gatcha I landed Yuuki. An epic moment for sure! I pretty much scouted in her box since she was the first gatcha that popped up.

Yuuki is an interesting case- she’s one of those characters I knew of but didn’t actually know anything about. I know she’s tall and likes running (I mean, her character song is called Oikaze Running).

Oh that’s not what I expected her SSR outfit to look like. It’s not that hot of a mess…right? Here’s a side-by-side with her perm if anyone is curious.

At least it isn’t polka dot or plaid. Nevertheless I use Yuuki on my main pink team now, so I’ll be seeing a lot of her. The start (middle?) of a summer vacation indeed.

For old time’s sake I scouted in the memorial box I went ham in for Ranko a few posts back. Besides, there were a few cards in there I wouldn’t mind getting…and Kaede popped up for me on my first try! Wow. The original Kaede lim that started it all that finally seemed so elusive to me for years.

I love this card and outfit! Wow. She’s so elegant.

In other news, the game has a collab going with Steins;Gate. Ranko (thank goodness!) covers Hacking Through the Gate while Asuka covers Skyclad Observer. A good time to come back for sure when either of those two get a song!


It was actually kind of funny opening up the app not knowing about the collab since I just woke up and saw Okabe and Kurisu…I mean Kuristina on my phone talking to each other.

Bonus screenshots:

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