Theater Days Scouting July 2020 Edition

Holding true to my bad luck with scouting for Miya, I didn’t get FES Miya. I really went all in using both the free pulls and my stash of ~13k gems. I can only tell myself this is a sign and I’ll have better luck in the future.



The FES gatcha soon came and went with new summer lims incoming. This one features Mirai and Tsumugi.

Tsumugi was here to change the fact that I had two of her SSRs and never used them. It was weird getting her new lim on the first try who was an overloader combo boost which is exactly what it sounds like- it consumes life but boosts your score if you have a combo going. Which is good considering I full combo most of the easier songs I play and the fact that there’s a bunch of in game missions now that need you to score one million points on a song. So Tsumugi was a blessing in disguise.

With the end of the third anniversary event comes the best thing- not one, not two, but THREE SSR scouting tickets. The pool this time included limited cards, so here’s the breakdown of what I got. Did I mention they come free with participating in the event?

Now I’ll have to admit, I usually do some kind of silly ritual before scouting. Even if it’s just putting my phone near a figure (like for Anna Mochizuki’s latest SSR) or pulling a picture up of the girl I’m scouting for, I was impatient once I saw the tickets were out. I just wanted to scout! So here goes nothing!

Makoto has been growing on me recently (hell, she’s the thing that got me into this series all those years ago) so I wasn’t too mad at my first SSR being a dupe. I upgraded Black Strength Makoto to a four star, so now I have her recolor and a card with good stats.

Though last year with the anniversary tickets I got two dupes, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised at a dupe Makoto. It didn’t help last year they were Tomoka and Haruka, so getting two dupes of characters I like kinda stung. At least Makoto went to good use.

Next up…

Kunoichi Emily! A pleasant surprise. For a second I thought it was Serika because of the hair and I went oh no…but I was happy to see Emily and Tomoka on the card. As mid-tier of an idol as Emily is for me, I did scout for this card while she was in the gatcha so now I’m happy to have her.

Last but not least, a character I forget about. Not out of spite, but just that there’s fifty-one other girls I can think of off the top of my head.

I really don’t know what to say about Akane. I just forget about her, but I like her outfit in this card and the nekomata motif. A win (I guess?).

She looks the way I feel.

I then proceeded to scout in the gatcha for limited Yayoi six times and got zero SSRs. Oh well, better luck next time!


I’m getting to the point in this game where there’s only a few girls that I don’t have SSRs for- Ami, Azusa, Subaru, Hinata, Fuka, Mizuki, and Julia. Which is insane! It doesn’t feel like I’ve been playing for that long. But I really hope by the end of the year I can have one gatcha SSR for every character just so I can say I have them all.

I’m really happy that mirishita hasn’t added any skills that make a card absolutely worthless (yes, I’m talking about the concentration skill from starlight stage). Concentration narrows the timing window for perfect notes but gives better score boost. In layman’s terms it makes the game harder (if you’re a masochist) and instead of actually hitting the perfect notes, a lot of them turn into great notes and break your combo and just generally fuck your shit up. While the team did update it eventually to make the timing window more lenient, I still have a handful of SSRs I never use because you really can’t have more than one card with concentration on a team or your accuracy just goes down the drain. I kept getting concentration SSRs for a while I kind of gave up on scouting in starlight stage…and playing it apart from events the handful of girls I still care for were in (Ranko, Nana, ect).

I know Mirishita has been added a ton of overload skills, both score based and combo based but I don’t mind them considering a lot of cards I’ve gotten recently are SSR healers. So they even each other out. You know what I mean?

So props to Mirishita for not having that in the game like it’s sister series. I think that’s where I was going with that anyway. I’m back to playing this game daily like the good old days.

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