Don’t Look a Gift Lim in the Mouth

I was so excited to scout once I saw the post anniversary event Mirishita tickets were out. Unknowingly to me I didn’t know both SSRs would be limited, and I thought I just got lucky. Though luck in this case is subjective as I received what will be referred to as my new worst enemy.

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Yurei Deco First Impressions

The minute I see a colorful show I drop everything I’m doing and watch it.

Yurei Deco follows a girl named Berry in a world full of avatars called Deco that are integrated with real life. During the equivalent of a zoom class after getting caught goofing off, she makes a quick exit to the real world saying that her right eye is malfunctioning. Little does she know this will lead her into seeing things that aren’t visible to the naked eye, taking her on a journey to meet a denizen that appears almost like a ghost between worlds.

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Ranting About Fall Guys and Showbucks

Multiplayer games stress me out. If I’m not good at them off the bat and my other friends are I get embarrassed and don’t want to play them; if there’s voice chat that you pretty much need for the game with randos I get anxious and don’t want to talk since I sound like a kid. Thankfully Fall Guys avoided almost all of that- it’s a goofy little game where you’re a bean running through Wipeout-esque courses that I’ve been playing on and off since 2020. 

I like it because you can get super into it if you want, but if you prefer a more laid back time just playing with friends and telling stories it can be your backdrop. Being the last bean standing earns you a crown which you can use to unlock cooler costumes than the usual different colors or patterns in the normal kudos store. If you wanted to be Kizuna Ai or 2B you needed to win some games to get the crowns needed to buy these costumes. It took skill to win these games, time to earn these crowns, and maybe a friend or two to throw a final if you needed one last crown.

It went free to play recently. Okay. No big deal, a lot of games are doing that and I’m sure after almost two years they could use some new players that might not have heard of the game. On the flip side though everyone I talk to who would already be interested in this game already has it, so nothing really changed there.


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My First Weiss Schwarz Purchase in a Long Time

I got hololive cards today! A pleasant surprise for sure since I didn’t expect any places near me to have it, and even better because I got a sealed box instead of a few booster packs.

The opposite of pain-peko.

I knew regardless of what I got as long as I got at least one Pekora card I’d be happy.

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Who’s Lila?

Who’s Lila? by Garage Heathen is one of those games I played and couldn’t stop thinking about. It’s a point and click game where you have to control a guy’s face to interact with the world and uncover a mystery about a missing girl (or something like that).

Faces are always weird to me since I never quite look people in the eyes (or in the face for that matter). They always come off a bit uncanny so having to see William’s face in the corner of the screen 90% of the time freaked me out and I LOVED IT! Manipulating his face as it moved on the screen against my actions made me feel like he was possessed. But the game is much more than that- it’s a mystery of a girl that went missing after a party. At this point you would ask “Why should I care?”

Well, it turns out you were the last person to see her, and all eyes are on you. With fate and your lack of control over expressions stacked against you, will you find out exactly what happened?

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In Which I Try My Luck on a Mainly 765 Pro Scout

Scouting boxes with only certain idols are usually a blessing or a curse, but this time the odds were in my favor.

Out of the ten idols in the box, only two were non OG-im@s girls. Mirai and Tsumugi were the outliers. I have a curse with Tsumugi, especially when it comes to her original SSR that launched with the game way back when- a card I have over seven copies of at this point. Every time I see the outline of her on the black screen I cringe, and I even managed to pull another copy of her yesterday in the Day 1 box (which I didn’t want to post about because I was so disappointed, but here I am).

If I never have to see this card again I’ll be happy.

So let’s not have that happen again, okay?

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We Rate SSRs: Anna Mochizuki

One thing that has always excited me about idol games is the new content for my favorite characters. There’s always something- whether it’s the fear of seeing your oshi as the ranking card or the joy of hearing them in a new song. It took me back to a time- a time not that long ago where I woke up to news of my favorite purple-haired idol getting a new SSR and boy was I underwhelmed.

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